Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

I liked the photo because it reminded me of a Diebenkron painting.

I’m obsessed with this idea of simulations.

Every memory, projection, fantasy and yes, 55 word story is just a simulation we run in our minds.

Returning to the Well

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Returing to the Well

True grit is the long game.

If you want success, then keep going.

There will be difficulty.

And disappointment.

And failure.

And doubt.

But, some things will work.

Pay attention to them and double down.

Continue to build on that.

Before you know it, you’ll have a victory.

And the seeds of your next campaign.


When the going gets tough, you’ve got to keep going.

Whatever it is you do, if you keep doing it and you’re open and willing to learn, then you’ll get better.

Writing is no exception.

Some days it’s hard and you may wonder what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

We all have our reasons and if you commit to the process, you will be rewarded.



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Sometimes just not repeating the sins of your fathers is the greatest gift of all.

Jack is taking inventory.

This one goes in the “wins” column.

On the Night Stand

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On the Night Stand2

Max had wanted her from the first.

Your freckles and long legs haunted me.

Ophelia seemed expert at keeping men at bay.

Made me want you more.

6 month courtship.

Finally she consented to a “fling”.

He left her apartment uncertain.

13 years later he woke up next to her and counted his lucky stars.


Another couple, two more winding their way through love.

It’s hard to predict what the outcome will be.

But, they have each other. And sometimes that’s enough.


Lied to Protect Her

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Lied to Protect Her2

Father was a wanted man.

Changed names and places so often she forgot which were hers.

At fourteen, she’d been living on the street for a year.

Not speaking to a soul.

A voice told her to go get a job.

Everyone there thought her small for her age.

Turned out, Vilma was just eleven.


If Not For You

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If Not For You

Mikio’s garden is a bit unkempt.

But not everyone thinks of bees and insects as something to be eradicated.

They deserve our respect too.

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