Oral Hygiene

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Oral Hygeine

Thank you, Max.

Glad we covered that, some important information there.

Good to know.

The Ladies Fight Back

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The Ladies Fight Back

In solidarity¬†with all the women, here are some of our favorite sign quotes from the Women’s March, January 21st, 2017:

My Taco is Nacho Business

Every great man started in a uterus

Leave it to Beavers

This Machine Fights Fascists

Without Hermione Harry would have been killed in book I

I have a Vagenda

We are the grand daughters of the witches you couldn’t burn

A woman’s place is in the resistance

You go girls!!!!!


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Darsky is a new character. A villian and this story is inspired, as you may already have realized by Lemony Snicket.

Words of Wonder

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Words of Wonder

This is the continuation of an earlier narrative thread that you can find here. You can also search Mickey, to find more stories involving this character.

My Monster

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My Monster

Entered a contest where they invited artists to recreate drawings by second graders in their own style. So I did the drawing with a 55 word story.

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