Time Travel

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Time Travel2

Cartwright got into his Steel Reserve 211 time machine.

Set the dial for “Random Chaos”.

He was greeted with a quick night stick to the ribs.

A square faced crew cut and a his K9 companion.

“Wake up. What are you doing’ here?”


“No, you’re up to more than nothin’, let’s see some ID.”

Ode to Bread

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Ode to Bread2Even gluten free and ugly it speaks to me.

Of mornings filled with hope and evenings frenzied and lifted with laughter.

When the cold air makes leaving bed a contest.

You and I lay together with butter on our breath, tea and toasting a memorable now.

Let’s bake another loaf before our time has passed.

Lickety Split

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Lickety Split

“Happy 420 Day!” said Eve with a shit eating grin.

Got her edibles and had plans after work to get her buzz on.

Ruth, her grandmother was appalled.

“You need to talk to that child.”

“And say what?”

“Something. It melts your brain.”

“Sit her down and talk to her before she’s out doing heroin.”

Women Are the Orange Blossoms of the World

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Women are the orange blossoms of the world

Women Are the Orange Blossoms of the World

John Lennon wrote,
“Woman is the nigger of the world.
Yes she is, think about it…”

He had a point.
As offensive as it may be.

But women are also what brings
each and every one of us
into the world.

The time has come to praise,
thank and respect them
as they naturally deserve.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Thought I’d Use the Title to Fully Explain the Story Thereby Freeing Up the Story to Do What It Wants Without All the Burdens and Responsibilities of Having to Be An Actual Story and Just to See What Happens When a Story Is Free to Be

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Title Deconstructed

It would then speak from deep inside of
my heart and mind to you and yours.

We’’d share the narrative that we have always had together. One that transcends time, age, race, and gender
and tells our collective archetypal tale.

Like bards of old we would be made of
story DNA
(Descendent Nutritive Algorithms)

Crossover Prophet

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Crossover Prophet

Precocious five year old version of Jesus in the Quran.

First, he purified disturbed water with words alone.

Then, took mud clay and sculpted twelve sparrows.

Father Joseph was none too pleased with his Sabbath creativity.

But unfazed, the boy clapped his hands and commanded the birds to take flight and remember him.

Off they went squawking.

(Sometimes, besides telling a good story, I just want to get the Islamaphobes all riled up.)

Truth or Consequences

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Truth or Consequences

Evolution punishes bad decisions.

And sometimes bad luck intervenes and does the deciding.

There will be no next generation after this failed experiment.

Johnny was disappointed, but took it in stride.

Knowing it’s a numbers game.

That impulse to scale the concrete wall sealed the jewel’s fate.

Not everyone deserves to become resurrected a butterfly.

Green Pickled Plums

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Green Pickled Plums

Polly had some.

Left by her handsome man friend from Georgia.

They were sour, salty and almost enough sweet for you to hold out hope.

But the next one didn’t get any better.

“Just like a man” she thought,“They look good, but when you actually have a taste, it’s all bitterness and lost potential.”

He Sent Me Down Bones

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He Sent Me Down Bones

Said Lizette, wistfully.

Referring to the farmer who fancied her and delivered grass fed for her broth.

But she could also have been talking about her grandfather or father.

“The sins of the fathers” and such.

Sometimes, it’s more nuanced, not sins or virtues, just genetic fabric on which to build her empire of longing.

Economic Nationalism

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Economic Nationalism

Is just jingoism attacking progress.

Making enemies of the press, science, immigrants, refugees, and liberty.

The nationalist version of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

They want to destroy the “administrative state”.

And replace it with what?

A Christian-caucasian-centric plutocrat sponsored media controlled police state.

Already tried that, it was called the Dark Ages.

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