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Joy Ride

Published December 15, 2017 in Trish - 0 Comments

Joy Ride

Trish got a year for check fraud.

Justified it by saying she was underpaid.

And she didn’t exactly get reformed on the inside.

Instead, she just learned how to steal bigger things.

Her cellmate taught her how to

hot wire and steal cars.

When she got out, she got drunk

and boosted a red chevy coupe

that caught her eye.

Drove it along Mulholland Drive,

which made her a bit forgetful

and nauseous.

Mule Deer Running

Published August 17, 2017 in Arizona Stories , Trish - 0 Comments

Mule Deer Running

There’s a line in the hillside that

they all scamper along.

A coyote ran through the gully,

quick and quiet.

Racing to who knows where.

The cicada sing like pouring rain.

It’s a pulse and within that pulse is a larger wave.

One song of courtship,

the other to mate when she has chosen him.

Sitting Pretty

Published August 8, 2017 in Trish - 0 Comments

Sitting Pretty2

In Black Canyon City.

Sleeping on a bench, no rain, mild breeze.

Fixing her hair just right, you never know who might appear

in the moonlight.

Pull you from the down and out,

right back up again.

Trish had almost forgotten about him,

he’d been gone that long.

Still help out hope he might

be back this way again.

Plum Tuckered Out

Published July 22, 2017 in Leonard , Trish - 0 Comments

Plum Tuckered Out

Trish was tired most days,

but particularly today.

Maybe it was the heat or

the fact she hadn’t really slept in a month.

Leonard had just disappeared and

left her with the bills to pay.

Working in the fields was hard work.

She didn’t blame him for going,

just blamed him for going like that.