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Catching Squeals

Published June 8, 2018 in Ricky Y - 0 Comments

Catching Squeals

Cheap suit,

pinstripes, dark blue.

the tie looks like it was dry heaved.

Cologne or perfume, hard to tell which.

Smells like turpentine.

“Now listen to me, germ.”

“You’re a big boy now.

You thought you were going to get something,

and what you got was hustled.”

“So be a man and  pick up your phone

and call Hidden Hills and ask your wife

or your friend to come get you.”

“And don’t tell them any cute little stories

about losing your wallet.”

“Understand, germ?”

“I wasn’t born yesterday, either.”

Think Too Much

Published July 26, 2017 in Ricky Y - 0 Comments

Think Too Much

“Hey, Ricky! How ya doin’?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, how are you?”

“Why do you ask? You think something’s wrong with me?”

“Jesus! No. I’m just asking.”

“You know something I don’t know?”

“I don’t know nothing. Just saying hello.”

“What do you know?”

“I know you’re freakin’ paranoid.”

“What do you mean?”

Autumn Leaves

Published April 19, 2017 in Paulie , Ricky Y - 0 Comments

Autumn Leaves

It was less the cold than the swelling.

He was 30 pounds heavier since his last arrest.

Living large on identity theft and forgery.

The arresting officer recognized him right away.

“Been a while, Paulie. How’s the wife and kids?”

“Good, thanks. Little Johnny’s playin’ baseball.”

“Hey, could you put my jacket over my head?”