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Chicken Little

Chicken Little

Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?

To get to the other side.

Same reason he crossed the road.

There’s only so many ways you can answer the important questions.

Another equally important question is:

How much smack could a woodchuck talk if a woodchuck could talk smack?

I mean, inquiring minds must know.


There’s a much dirtier version of this story. Bit I spared you because you don’t need your minds filled with more filth. 😉

This Just In

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This Just In

Reality Winner in a win for reality.

Leaked some useful information for us 99%ers.

Published in The Intercept,

it proved conclusively that we are all living in an absurdist play

written by Elmer Fudd.

“Quiet, I’m hunting Wussians.” he said without the slightest bit of irony.

The Justice Department, apparently, was not amused.


This is what resistance looks like.

In Sickness and in Health

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In Sickness and in Health

Much of disease is centered in the thoughts and actions we habitually make.

Our digestion is the meeting of memory and experience.

We feel what we eat and we eat what we feel.

Which means the path to healing runs straight through the meals we have.

And in the choices we take at the table.

Commercial Appeal

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Comercial Appeal

Hero is introduced.

Subtly, not ham handed.

He’s of humble origins and has an amazing power.

But, he’s reluctant to use it, wanting to be fair.

Then Storm Boy witnesses a horrible injustice and has no choice.

He saves the day, and women swoon.

But not the woman he loves, which sets up the sequel.

In Praise of Nobodies

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bacon photo

I wish to sing the praises of those souls who are not known, yet do a lot.

This is in contrast to the well known “somebodies” who are known simply for being known and actually do surprisingly little.

I’d rather be a do something nobody

than a do nothing somebody

any day of the week.


Today’s rant completed.

I Grok My Robot

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I Grok My Robot

A 55 word story about a man and his robot.

Seated, content in the knowing that I am understood.

My robot has learned my tendencies, my idiosyncrasies, and my (not always pleasant) habits.

It anticipates me.

And I know inside that it has needs that must also be fulfilled.

I understand you, and will be here for you until I am committed to the soil.


Would this qualify as science fiction? We’re almost there, imagining what it will be like.

A Narrative Theory of Everything

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A Narrative Theory of Everything

Little stories are fractal insects.

Evolving symmetrically in all directions.

Part of our neural design, an intimate part of our physiology.

Even the human heart has fractal properties, both physical and meta-(physical).

Our obsessive facial recognition evolution makes us see faces everywhere.

Similarly, our story DNA forms narrative in even the tiniest fragments of song.

there is

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There Is

no one else in the world.

i had to do this.

there is no one else in sight.

they were the only ones left.

they were the only ones who mattered.

he had to be with me.

she had to be with him.

i wanted to kill him.

i started to cry.

i turned to him.


True story. Google has been feeding it’s Artificial Intelligence with more than 11,000 unpublished books, including 3,000 steamy romance titles. In response, the AI wrote this 55 word story above. I rearranged a couple of sentences, because I’m human and I can do what I feel.

March of the Infidels

March of the Infidels

Nameless, the ant, walked in line with her sisters.

“Thoughts” did not so much enter her mind as influence its direction.

Do or Don’t. Pretty binary.

Do as the rest of the colony.

Don’t question as questions lead to insanity.

Bring back what you gather, be grateful to have a job in the new administration.

Can’t Win for Losing

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Cant Win for Losing

“Is Humor Death’s mother in law?”

Asked the Beat poet rhetorically.

Before we answer that, who is Death’s wife?

Logically, that would be Love.

And you have to feel for Death.

Always being told he’s not good enough,

not doing what he should for the family.

It’s a thankless job being the Grim Reaper.