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Birds Are Better

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Birds are better than
any other species.
Because they can fly.
I’ve tried to fly,
It never ends well,
Always ass over tea kettle.
Face planting in pain.
They have adapted for flight.
Feathers, wings, hollow bones
That are extensions of their lungs.
They have committed to flight.
Their relationship to oxygen
And they have made friends
With the wind.
I have done extensive amounts
Of research and the wind is never wrong.
Birds are better,
And many of them like to eat bread.

MR Stuik 2018

Very Rude Elevator Screamers


There they were.

Just letting their voices be heard.

They’re all women.

Angry women,

Women with ideas and concerns.

Strong women.

Women with a strategy.

These women, they’re onto something.

And, frankly,

I want to serve them,

But I’m imperfect.

I’ll go to the end of the earth,

for them.

I thought about it.

You get one life,

Whose cause are you gonna trumpet?

These women,

I believe in them.




Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon

On the city street.

How’s that work?

You reap what you sow,

That’s how.

It comes back to haunt you,

Visits when you can least afford it.

As you rise to the pinnacle,

What you sowed in your reckless,

feckless youth,

Revisits you.

And the rules have changed,

Now, you’re stuck

With what you did.

And you can’t get away from it.

There’s a swarm of stories and


The more you fight and deny it

The greater the whirlwind,

You have no choice,

You are the example that

history made.



Saint Michael, the prince of angels,

fought the dragon and defeated it.

He and his army went to battle

with Satan, his dragon and his army of angels.

The devil prevailed not.

Saint Michael, protector and warrior,

stood for the children of his people.

He fought for them and won again.

Like all angels, he is a messenger of God.

His nature is spirit. In action,

he is servant and messenger.

Moving like an electron between spaces,

making quantum leaps.

And although he questioned why God

wanted to create humanity, he was spared.

His army of angels perished in flames

for arguing that God should not have created man.

Why then, was Michael spared?

Perhaps because his loyalty was never in question.

Old Harry

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Old Harry

We prayed

that the night would never end.

In the moonlight,

in the irises

with Pachanga Maria

and St. Michael.

Who defended us in battle

from those who seek the ruin of souls.

Protected us against

the wickedness and snares

of the Father of Lies.

The dragon prevailed not

and was asked to leave.

Our prayers were answered,

the night is still alive.


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There was a rumbling in the attic,

like something was running up there.

The insects are dying in droves.

It’s not an accident,

money and science

have produced a precise

kill of the fauna.


chemical industry

you can kill all the insects.

They are responsible

for pollination.

Which is how we eat.

Hurry and finish the drones.

A Caged Bird Sings

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A Caged Bird

The bluebird of happiness,

it turns out,

was at home all along

in a cage.

It sang a melody that was

unquestionably beautiful,

but largely ignored.

Because familiarity makes us

take things for granted.

But what about the bluebird’s happiness?

If there really were a paradigm shift,

maybe the power dynamic

that enslaves nature for

our entertainment

could be stopped.

And then, the bluebird herself

might find happiness

flying free

perched on whatever tree it wants.

Day of the Game

Published December 5, 2017 in Rants and Resistance - 0 Comments

Game day

It was,

and yes

that’s a shovel.

And a hula hoop

and a grill.

And by game

you know we really mean

Game for whatever.

Doing some digging

in the garden with some worms.

Worm shit is it.

Exclamation point.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

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Chapel of the Holy Cross

Cross built into the red rock hillside.

The red blood of Christ implied

in what was once clearly an ocean floor.

Long before humanity was even possible.

The notion that Earth is six thousand years old

is like saying the sun is a hot balloon.

Why does Christianity need to make natural history its victim?


Chapel of the Holy Cross built in 1956. Inspired and commissioned by rancher and sculptor, Marguerite Brunswig Staude. Design executed by architect August K. Strotz.

On the site of one of the Sedona vortices.

The Forecast Calls for Pain

Published August 29, 2017 in Arizona Stories , Rants and Resistance - 0 Comments

Forecast Calls for Pain

It’s raining diamonds on Neptune.

In the deep blue hydrocarbon seas.

Strangely beautiful and completely devoid of life.

Here on Earth we have a deluge of water.

Inconvenient, but more valuable in a million ways.

The queen of diamonds represents two diverging paths.

Which will be ours?

Preserving our treasure or

drowning in inorganic riches?

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