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The 4th Impression

Published October 26, 2018 in Max , Milla - 0 Comments

The 4th Impression

Got all gussied up.

Because, let’s face it,

you only have one chance

to make a 4th impression.

Because the first never goes as planned.

The second, you have more latitude,

but it could be just infatuation.

The third, well, who cares by then?

It’s the 4th that really makes or breaks it.

Max wore his blue suit

with the silk Deco tie.

And those shoes he bought

from Portugal.

He reasoned, “What have I got to lose?”

She thought, “Hmm…he’s a clothes horse. I can work with that.”

Silk Panties

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Silk Panties

Cartwright texted her a photo

of himself in mauve and slightly off white

woman’s panties.

“Nice color.” she replied.

He sent her another one with him in red.

Crimson with black lace.

“Oh, boy” she thought,

“He’s high maintenance.”

They met.

He was feminine,

but restrained.

“i’d like you to be excited

about me wearing those panties.”

he said, almost apologetic.

“Yeah” said Milla,

“I’m not going to be.

I could pretend, but that’s not me.”

“Oh, I see.” said Cartwright.

“Would you prefer I lie?” asked MIlla.

“No, no. Tell me the truth.” he said,

looking past her across the building.

Viking Queen

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Viking Queen

Milla was type cast,

as the “Crying Mother”

in film after film.

Little did they know

that the particular

deep and penetrating sorrow

had a source.

It was not faked,

or over acting.

It was raw emotion.

You don’t get to be Queen

without suffering.

You can not lead,

if you can not overcome.

She was the Ingenue,

the star of a regional production

of Pippy Longstocking.

And he was her sinister lover.

He was possessive to the extreme.

Jealous with a vengeance.

He hurt her.

He beat her.

She got away from him.

and that town.

She not only survived,

she found herself,

it was her first test

in becoming Queen.

A Viking Queen,

leader of women and men.

The Fox Stole

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The Fox Stole

The woman was three sheets to the wind.
Wearing an old black fur stole. Might have been fox.

She could barely stand, let alone walk home.
She was the wife of her older brother’s friend.

Milla just wanted to make sure she made it home.
The woman’s cousin was also there.
Together he and Milla half carried her home.

She lived on the top floor
of a two story building.
The stairs were steep.

They managed to get her to stagger
to the top of the stairs.
He knocked on the door.

As they waited for an answer,
she began to fall backwards,
down the staircase.

Milla reached out to stop her
from falling.
She jammed her thumb,
heard it pop.

The cousin grabbed the fox stole.
It came off and she fell.
Too much for both of them.

Milla and he both looked at the stole.
It was held together
by a pin that read “Death to Capitalism.”