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White Privilege

Published September 30, 2018 in Mikio - 0 Comments

White Privilege2Black Mercedes SUV.

White Boy rolls up,

baseball cap and itchin’.

Car has vanity plates.

“Goddesss” with 3 s’s

Mikio walks out to his car.

Blue Mini Cooper Clubman

with the suicide door.

“Can I help you?” asks the white boy.

“What?” asks Mikio.

“Why you looking at me?”

“I’m walking to get in my car,

nobody’s looking at you.”

“You’re looking at me now.”

“Because you’re talking to me.”

“Can I help you?” asked Mikio.

“Just parking my car.” the white boy said

walking away.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Godesss

with 3 s’s” said Mikio.

He backed his car out of the driveway

and watched the white boy walk down the street.

“Schmuck.” he thought and drove the other way.


Published August 4, 2018 in Mikio - 0 Comments


The cucumber had died, suddenly.

In the heat.

Mikio had tied it up with

strips from an old torn sheet.

To keep it off the ground

so it would’nt mold.

He got one good cucumber off

the vine.

And two tomatoes, ripe just right.

Look at that yellow with the green

of the cuke.

The collard greens were flowering,

tasty, added them too.

To season, basil flowers

and the olive oil infused with garlic

and salt,

left over from the grill.


Published June 9, 2018 in Mikio - 0 Comments


She’s the princess of the garden.

Sage blossom.

Alpha and the omega.

I kissed her,

and wondered, “Was that too much?”

She looked back

with that tolerant

“I know you, you’re human.”

“I love you anyway.”

Turning the Tide

Published April 24, 2018 in Mikio - 0 Comments

Turning the Tide

Flowers from the garden.

Really, just making the most

of going to seed.

The arugula flowers don’t taste bad either.

The black sage flowers he cut

to make a rub.

And the roses…they’re roses, bred to be picked.

Nasty thorns this time out.

Like shark teeth.

Mikio ground the dried sage leaves with sea salt.

Added some dried rosemary which had a few blue flowers of its own.

Winner, winner chicken dinner.

Got a cat (two actually), got a room (for the cats)

and he’s now 20 pounds thinner (mostly from not eating).

Dog Days

Published February 17, 2018 in Mikio - 0 Comments

Dog days

The new year was just days away.

Spring would soon follow

and another year of possibility

and potential would arrive.

The neighbor’s dog sang

a mournful song as it sat alone

chained into the

small space between the houses.

Mikio wanted to feel

the hope of spring

but, instead he

felt tired and defeated.

His youth was gone,

as was his savings.

Living in the moment

was no longer a choice.

It had become a necessity.


Published November 21, 2017 in Mikio - 0 Comments


It’s the messenger of life.

The omega dog.

Information and data.

It is alive.

And sometimes, in the morning,

it can still surprise you.

Mikio was about to sit down

when he was struck

by an accidental light show,

splashing on his chair.

“I am in between the stars”, he said,

Aching with savoir faire.

The Hills Have Eyes

Published September 2, 2017 in Mikio - 0 Comments

The Hills Have Eyes

Mikio looked up from his meditation and saw the landscape.

The distance from one hill to the next

was only discernible from

the contrast of one green

into the next.

“This is how time recedes”, he thought.

Slowly fading and melding into the past.

Looking back you can see

the years pale in the distance.

Gone to Seed

Published April 22, 2017 in Mikio - 0 Comments


Gone to Seed2

“Is it still an epiphany if you’ve had the realization thirty times?”

Mikio wondered.

“Don’t know if I’m stupid, stubborn or just slow to learn.”

It had dawned on him (again) that his life was just like his garden.

Overgrown, unkempt, and not really sustaining the family.

The pain was just compost to the worms.


Published April 12, 2017 in Mikio - 0 Comments


The garden faucet had sprung a leak.

Rather than fix it, he planted mint and watercress.

A simple way to turn the problem into something useful.

The mint was effervescent and made a julep to die for.

The watercress had a kick that made his salads sing Ellington.

Both flourished from Mikio’s laziness and ingenuity.

On the Cell Phone

Published February 22, 2017 in Mikio - 0 Comments

On the Cell Phone

“Would you like me to go hang myself so you can sell my house and get the money?”

“Yeah, that would be good…no, of course not. Why would you ask me something like that?”

Shuffling of papers.

“There was a mouse in my fireplace this morning. Dickens got it, I think.

She’s the hunter.”

Mikio is a loyal son. Yume is testing that loyalty.