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A rustling in the nasturtium,

hoping to make a run to the wood pile.

Tommy could smell him from the porch,

lunging into the air like a high jumper.

Over and over and over again.

“He’s killed three of them so far,

his breed is bred to hunt rats, you know.”

“They aren’t rats.” said Meta Jane.

“They’re close.”

“It’s not right, they’re no match for him.”

“He’s earning his keep, saving the garden.”

She stopped talking,

not wanting to dignify that last comment.

Fidgeted and ran her fingers

gently across her forehead.

She really needed that ASMR video

almost craved it.

Was that supposed to be a joke?

Meta Jane

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Meta Jane

Bill collector,




She shocked me.




Man collective.

She shocked me.

When she changed her name


Meta Jane.

“If you vibe with Meta, call me Meta.”

“If you vibe with Jane, call me Jane.” said Meta Jane.

“If you vibe with Meta Jane, then call me for dinner.

I’ll be there with bells on.”