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Hard Nose

Published June 19, 2017 in Max - 0 Comments

Hard Nose

Somehow, somewhere, Max got the idea that things should be easy.

And when they weren’t; God, Mercury in retrograde

and the universe were plotting against him.

After being the victim of years of these plots,

he, one day, had a realization.

Maybe, he was wrong and everything was difficult.

That was liberating, but required work.

200 Thread Count

Published June 13, 2017 in Max , NY Stories - 0 Comments

200 Thread Count

Monica came from Munich with the baby.

And she was already pissed off.

Complained about the sheets and the pillow cases.

Max hired a cleaning lady to clean the whole house and washed the bedding two times.

She insisted, “It still smells like man head!”

Cologne was out of the question, her head would’ve exploded.


Published May 9, 2017 in Max - 0 Comments


And penniless.

Where have all the flowers gone?

Gone to weddings, everyone.

When will they ever learn?

Max opened her letter slowly, dreading what it might say.

It was only one page.

There were the usual turns of love and longing,

but the handwriting was sloppy and distracted.

He knew and actually was rather relieved.

Doin’ the Laundry

Published April 18, 2017 in Max - 0 Comments

Doin the Laundry

Rose from volunteer to manager.

Gratified he had arrived.

Had vision and plans.

One evening the boss showed up unexpected.

Handed him a brown paper bag.

Peeked inside to see 4 wads of 100 dollar bills.

“I need you to run that through the register”, he said firmly.

“And take a little something for yourself.”

The Bottom Line

Published April 17, 2017 in Max - 0 Comments

The Bottom Line

“I live the life I love and I love the life I live”, he said defiantly.

Still had to chop his own wood and carry his own water, though.

Just the way it is.

Max heard the blue jays shriek.

Sighed and felt more gratitude than remorse.

Highway bound and no one to answer to.

Small Time Gambler

Published March 26, 2017 in Max , Ophelia - 0 Comments

Small Time Gambler

Blue light falling.

Ophelia hadn’t slept for months and the days all folded together like soft dough.

She spent her evenings bathed in blue flowers, playing digital roulette.

She’d gambled on him and lost everything.

Max smiled at her from across the table.

She then saw she’d also won someone who would never leave her.

Citric Acid

Published March 24, 2017 in Max , Ophelia - 0 Comments

Citric Acid

Max hatched the idea with her.

For lemonade, infused with rosemary.

Could have bought lemons, but it was more romantic to steal them.

From the neighbor’s yard.

He waited until midnight, walked past the house.

Turned around and walked back.

Jumped the fence.

The sensors tripped the lights, their dog lunged, and all hell broke loose.

Oral Hygiene

Published January 22, 2017 in Max - 0 Comments

Oral Hygeine

Thank you, Max.

Glad we covered that, some important information there.

Good to know.

On the Night Stand

Published June 13, 2016 in Max , Ophelia - 0 Comments

On the Night Stand2

Max had wanted her from the first.

Your freckles and long legs haunted me.

Ophelia seemed expert at keeping men at bay.

Made me want you more.

6 month courtship.

Finally she consented to a “fling”.

He left her apartment uncertain.

13 years later he woke up next to her and counted his lucky stars.


Another couple, two more winding their way through love.

It’s hard to predict what the outcome will be.

But, they have each other. And sometimes that’s enough.