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Paved with Good Intentions

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Paved with Good INtentions

The old man was a retired public defender.

And a bit forgetful and disorganized.

Once Mickey figured out where the kids were,

he had to establish paternity for his daughter.

Somehow he had been left off the birth certificate.

So excited he had just trusted Maria to do the right thing.

One of many mistakes.

Mickey, Upon Being Informed By Maria That She Was With Child Decided He Had A Momentous Decision To Make, To Be Or Not To Be A Father (As If That Was A Choice); Such A Query Could Not Be Asked In Washington Heights, No It Must Be Posed Among The Native Spirits In The Wild On The Snake River, So Off He Went With Amulets, Yarrow Sticks, The I Ching, Psilocybin, A Half Quart Of Jack And An Emptied Bank Account To Wyoming

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Snake River2

Spinning sky, clouds flying, thunder burst elastic evident.

Beaver tail slapping, fox and badger in cahoots.

Wolves visible on the distant ridge.

Calling out the Great Spirit via the mentor,

I Ching change visionary:

“Could I, after all the crazy car rides be…and the answer came, ‘It is favorable to cross the great water.’”

The Deluge

Published May 31, 2016 in Maria , Mickey - 1 Comment

The Deluge

You have to feel for the poor bastard. He’s had better days.

This one was like a kick to the stomach.

Hopefully, he’ll get through this.


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This was a painful experience for Mickey.

He had those shoes for years.

Had the same cobbler fix them all three times.

They got really comfortable once they were broken in.