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Caveat Emptor

Published January 21, 2018 in Johnny Milkweed - 0 Comments

Caveat Emptor

That fat pup

was looking like it was ready to J.

Find it’s spot and

start the transformation.

Johnny felt a tinge of satisfaction.

A tiny inkling that

the tables were turning.

Milkweed is toxic to the eyes,

punishing those who turn blind eye

to the evils of the likes of Monsanto.

If he had his way,

every executive in the chemical giant

would be tied to a tree

and have their corneas painted with

the plant’s burning sap.

Truth or Consequences

Published March 5, 2017 in Johnny Milkweed - 0 Comments

Truth or Consequences

Evolution punishes bad decisions.

And sometimes bad luck intervenes and does the deciding.

There will be no next generation after this failed experiment.

Johnny was disappointed, but took it in stride.

Knowing it’s a numbers game.

That impulse to scale the concrete wall sealed the jewel’s fate.

Not everyone deserves to become resurrected a butterfly.