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Homer the Third

Published July 10, 2017 in Homer , Jack Sprat - 0 Comments

Homer the Third

He was always a bit mischievous.

Took off at the drop of a hat.

Jack brought him one day to a figure drawing class.

Let him go so he could focus on his drawing.

Next thing you know the dog was sniffing the model’s private parts.

Jack grimaced and pulled him off the platform.

Drive In Movie

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Drive In Movie2

Visiting her folks’ place in Jersey.

Strict Irish Catholic family.

Marianne’s room was in the attic.

Jack got the couch in the basement.

Mother slept with the bedroom door open.

No choice but the old Volvo for fooling around.

Steaming up the windows.

And covering each other’s mouths to keep the noise to a minimum.

Front and Center

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Front and Center2

What if Jack were sitting

in the middle of an answered prayer…

But he was too preoccupied

with everything to realize it?

And what if, instead…

He stopped and took inventory

of all the things that had come to him

in spite of his desire

to see otherwise?

He might already have

everything he needs.

Absent Minded

Published June 17, 2017 in Jack Sprat , NY Stories - 0 Comments

Absent Minded

Smelling jasmine flowers as he walked by the barking dogs.

Jack remembered her laughing from the back of the cab.

Grabbing his hand and pushing it under her dress.

Smiling and encouraging him to misbehave.

It was a long time ago,

but he could still see her polka dot dress

and white elbow length gloves.

Wayward Trajectory

Published June 5, 2017 in Cintusia , Jack Sprat - 0 Comments

Wayward Trajectory

Jack had long ago weaponized his intellect.

Using argument to get the upper hand.

What he was not prepared for was it to be used against him.

“You said you valued the truth. The truth is I’m tired of you.” said Cynthia.

He winced and tried to catch his breath.

A precise armour piercing missile.

Pop Corn Drizzle

Published May 16, 2017 in Jack Sprat - 0 Comments

Pop Corn Drizzle2

It was sprinkling at the track.

He got a tip from some guys’s cousin.

Running steroids for Dirty Harry
who was racing in the third.

Then Jack got nervous and had Mary Lewis
bet their money to win, place and show.

Horse fucking won, but they lost two bets and only had enough for tacos.

Road Trip

Published April 27, 2017 in Jack Sprat , Marianne - 0 Comments
Road trip

A 55 word story called Road Trip about a couple who decide to hit the road.

“We’ve got to blow this one horse town.”

“Thanks,” Marianne said.

“You’re the one horse” Jack smiled.

“Ha ha.”

Driving into a blinding blizzard with no heat in the car.

Taking turns scraping ice off the inside of the windshield.

Making a tiny window, just enough to see the eighteen wheeler bearing down on them.


Yeah, it’s an open loop. You decide what happens next.

Plato’s Retreat

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Platos Retreat

Chrissie was a regular at the club.

Friends with Moise and Larry, the King of Swing.

Followed Jack around like a puppy dog.

“Jack, you want a blow job?”

She asked, like offering a cigarette.

“No thanks, Chrissie, we’re working’ right now.”

“Ok, just let me know.”

Setting up the cameras for the S&M show.


Living in New York in the 1980’s. I was a crazy time. Jack was in the middle of it, trying to make a living.

The Instigator

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The Instigator

One thing you could say was that he had nerve.

On the playground the older bully tried to make him submit.

“Is that all you got?”

Answered by a flurry of punches.

Jack laughed a belly laugh.

The lasting joy of not being broken

was well worth the pain of getting clocked a few times.

Better to Go Supperless Than to Rise in Debt

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Better to Go Supperless

Jack Sprat could eat no fat.

He had a bit of an eating disorder

and was fond of purging.

Unusual in men, but not without precedent.

His wife, Glenda, could eat no lean.

She was type 2 diabetic simply from loving donut holes

and pounding french fries.

Together, they made every meal an adventure.