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Firenze Airport

Jack arrived in Florence after dark.

Rented a little black manual bomber

and got seriously lost in the fog.

Blasting Aretha singing Amazing Grace

live at a Baptist church in LA.

Didn’t care one iota

about being lost.

It all felt like magic.

Meanwhile he had drunk

6 cups of coffee

when all was said and done.

In order to be fully present for the entire trip.

And he chose Dunkirk

as his inflight movie

because there’s nothing like being overly caffeinated

and watching repeated

aerial bombings

and staccato gun play

to really make the turbulence

of the flight pop.

Finally, he made it to her house,

he was greeted with vegetable soup,

rabbit, cauliflower and potatoes.

It was the best rabbit he had ever tasted. “Wine?” asked Emila.

“Per favore.” he said,

hoping it would help him sleep.

MR Stuik 2018


Life is just as crazy as fiction.

Il Futuro

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Il Futuro

“Lei e l’amore della mia vita.” said Jack in busted Italian.

“Ma lei non mi ama più.”

“Cosa posso fare?”

“Speak English.” said Juan.

“No se puedo.” said Jack, with a pout and slight slur.

“What’s the point of all this?” asked Juan.

“I don’t know, I’m trying to milk it for everything I can.”

replied Jack.

“How’s that working out for you?” asked Juan.

“Not well” said Jack after a long pause.

“So stop with all the drama queen bullshit.”

“You’re right, fuck her.”

“Abbastanza.” said Juan.

“Si” said Jack with a smile.

After the Rain

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After the Rain

The wet ground

around the chicory.

Fading lavender blue,

hanging on for dear life.

The rain knocked a pile of oranges

off the tree.

Bringing a slight citrus memory.

A kind of melancholy,

after they fell.

You could inhale it in the air.

Jack remembered skinny dipping,

and jumping through the green water

into her laughter, muffled now with the years.

But like the smell released

by the moisture,

that moment is freed,

to come alive again,

wet and welcoming.

It hasn’t rained here for months.

He hoped the storm would linger

just for a day or two.

Chip Off the Old Block

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Chip Off the Old Block

Jack’s mother, Ruth, called.

“Why are your kids so short?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“My brother, James, was tall,

I’m tall, you’re tall…you’re kids are midgets.”

“That’s a terrible thing to say.” replied Jack.

“We have the tall genes on this side of the family.”

“I guess the short genes are more dominant.”

“You need to disown them.”

“Cut them out of the will.” said Ruth.

“Because they’re short?”, he asked.

“That’s right…”

“…Not just because they’re short.

They’re also disrespectful.

It’s their upbringing.”

“Alright, that’s enough..” said Jack, chuckling.

“Go back to your lair.”

Hail Mary

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Hail Mary

The cactus flower bloomed the night she called.

“I’m going to Italy,” said Marianne.

“For how long?” asked Jack.

“I don’t know.”



“I always wanted to go there,” said Jack, hoping for an invitation.

“I need some time away.”

“That’s a good place to paint.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“What happens to us?”

“I love you, I’ll always love you…”

“That sounds kind of final…” said Jack,

realizing for the first time it was over.

He winced and threw a Hail Mary.

“Marianne, they know. Someone dropped a dime on us.”

Month and a Half

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Month and a Half

Jack met Eve in the driveway.

She was sitting in her black Honda Fit.

She had just washed it.

You could barely see the dents from the last accident.

“Do you think they’ll repo my car?” She asked, mildly panicked.

“What do you mean?”

“They put this on the front door of the house.” She said, showing him a letter that was crumpled from her anxiety.

“How far behind are you?”

“It’s not my fault, I had the accident and I couldn’t Uber for three weeks.”

“How far behind?”

“I don’t know, maybe a month and a half. It’s not like I’m not trying.”

“Why don’t you call them? You can work something out.”

“Fuck them, I’m not calling them. No way.”

Jack didn’t reply. She was his daughter and what’s he going to say?

Father’s Day

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Fathers Day

There were stains on his jacket, coffee or wine. They had been there so long he didn’t see them anymore.
“Happy Father’s Day, Dad.” Eve said.
She handed him a bouquet of yellow and red flowers. Sunflowers, zinnias and some carnations.
“Read the card, it’s funny.”
Jack opened the envelope and read it and laughed.
“Yes, you do.” He said remarking on something she had written. It was well after three in the afternoon. He had made himself pancakes and poached eggs in the morning to celebrate, alone.
This used to be a day like his birthday where there was some overture to make him feel loved. But since the marriage had ended, he had to make do on his own.
Eve came through in the end and miracle of miracles also did the dishes.
There is a God.


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A rustling in the nasturtium,

hoping to make a run to the wood pile.

Tommy could smell him from the porch,

lunging into the air like a high jumper.

Over and over and over again.

“He’s killed three of them so far,

his breed is bred to hunt rats, you know.”

“They aren’t rats.” said Meta Jane.

“They’re close.”

“It’s not right, they’re no match for him.”

“He’s earning his keep, saving the garden.”

She stopped talking,

not wanting to dignify that last comment.

Fidgeted and ran her fingers

gently across her forehead.

She really needed that ASMR video

almost craved it.

Was that supposed to be a joke?

Mundane Rabbits

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Mundane Rabbits

A pool of shoe fish

swimming around the closet floor.

No one is in control,

it’s absolute anarchy.

The Levy sneakers were a gift.

Jack wore them once

to his uncle’s retirement party.

Felt like he was cheating

on his Chuck Taylors.

He retired them after that.

Thirteen fleas,

he picked thirteen fleas

off of the insect.


cute in the extreme,

lunging at the cats,

like they were missiles.

Clothes Horse

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CLothes Horse

“I think I’m depressed.” Jack said.

“We’re all depressed,” said Ruth, “Man up.”

“Which tie should I wear?”

“The one with the sperm design.”

“Ha ha. It’s Art Deco.”

“It’s not.”

“It is. It’s vintage, this tie was

actually worn in the nineteen forties.”

“It was not, silk doesn’t last that long.”

“It’s not silk. It’s Belgian polyester.”

“That’s not a real thing, you’re such a liar.”

“From Belgium, post war polyester.

They make outfits for sex dolls out of it now.”

“They do not. Art Deco?”

“Are you sure you don’t mean Art Dildo?”

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