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Mr. Firm

Published April 11, 2017 in I Don't Even Know , LA Stories - 0 Comments

Mr Firm

I used to be indecisive, now I’m not quite sure.

I have several ways of making or taking decisions.

But I like to make the move that leads to the next move.

Meeting you in that blue dress was one of those moments.

Where I stumbled onto a choice that simply had to be made.

March of the Infidels

March of the Infidels

Nameless, the ant, walked in line with her sisters.

“Thoughts” did not so much enter her mind as influence its direction.

Do or Don’t. Pretty binary.

Do as the rest of the colony.

Don’t question as questions lead to insanity.

Bring back what you gather, be grateful to have a job in the new administration.

Crossover Prophet

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Crossover Prophet

Precocious five year old version of Jesus in the Quran.

First, he purified disturbed water with words alone.

Then, took mud clay and sculpted twelve sparrows.

Father Joseph was none too pleased with his Sabbath creativity.

But unfazed, the boy clapped his hands and commanded the birds to take flight and remember him.

Off they went squawking.

(Sometimes, besides telling a good story, I just want to get the Islamaphobes all riled up.)

Economic Nationalism

Published February 26, 2017 in I Don't Even Know - 0 Comments

Economic Nationalism

Is just jingoism attacking progress.

Making enemies of the press, science, immigrants, refugees, and liberty.

The nationalist version of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

They want to destroy the “administrative state”.

And replace it with what?

A Christian-caucasian-centric plutocrat sponsored media controlled police state.

Already tried that, it was called the Dark Ages.

Just Three

Published February 14, 2017 in I Don't Even Know , LA Stories - 0 Comments

Just Three

Simplicity: from the clutter that surrounds me and the endless chatter inside my cranium.

Patience: for not being where I always think I should be. (Caffeine probably doesn’t help.)

Compassion: unconditional for everyone, even the most despicable and also for myself who is often at the end of the line.


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You gotta have it.

Or you might find yourself down where you can’t get up.

Not for spectators, it’s the practice of overcoming the temptation of the giving up.

Running and fear are proper parts of the animal brain.

Faith is the evolution of growth from impulse to breakthrough.

(More for myself than anyone.)

Virtual Reality

Published June 21, 2016 in I Don't Even Know , LA Stories - 0 Comments

Virtual Reality

I liked the photo because it reminded me of a Diebenkron painting.

I’m obsessed with this idea of simulations.

Every memory, projection, fantasy and yes, 55 word story is just a simulation we run in our minds.