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Fret Me See

Published March 20, 2018 in Hobos , Tuck - 0 Comments

Fret Me See

My wife gave me a one way Greyhound ticket to Vegas.

She threw in $37.58 in loose change.

Told me she wanted me out of her life.

I didn’t believe it though.

Deep down, I think she just wanted to set me free.

Let me out of the ball and chain thing that

I have never been good at.

I’m grateful and there’s a whole country

of freight trains with my name on them.

Or they will once I tag them

with my nom de plum: Tuck.

They called me that cause I’m good at hiding.

I’m not bad at lying either.

Feening the Almighty

Published March 15, 2018 in Hobos - 0 Comments

Feening the Almighty3

Had the DTs in Cheyenne.

Jumped an empty boxcar north.

Hid under abridge pillar next to the Air Force base.

Sat my backpack down in the corner.

My vodka fell out when I made the jump.

Once I made Greybull I was in terrible shape.

2 men tried to kill me and take my gear.

Only they weren’t real.

The rail yard police pinched me for trespassing

and I told them I was attacked.

They asked me how much I’d been drinking.

Wound up in a local hospital

where I got a valium injection and

and a shot of Haldal in my left ass cheek.

Never had it that bad before.

Watching the Trains Go By

Published October 13, 2017 in Hobos , LA Stories - 0 Comments

Watching the trains2

Red ball, line of freight cars

big as a football field.

Standing on the platform,

smoking a cheap cigar.

Thinking about the next stop,

forgetting all the last stops.

No home to settle down,

No savings to fall back on.

There’s no 401Ks for drifters.

History doesn’t care for those who ride the Cadillac grainer.

Box Car

Published July 28, 2017 in Hobos - 0 Comments

Box Car

It was cold in the freight yard.

Wished for nothing but long johns,

all winter.

Now, they would have saved him.

His pants felt like they were made of paper.

Had two shots of rye left.

Needed one to warm up, but that didn’t last more than five minutes.

The chill got inside his bones.