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Grandpa D. Hits the Road

Published September 10, 2018 in Grandpa Dynamite - 0 Comments

Grandpa D

“So what happened?” texted Grandpa Dynamite

“We said Friday and you ghosted me.

Is that who you are?”

“On Wednesday we said Friday” Violet replied.

“At 9-15 PM on Friday you reach out.

I don’t know what kind of plans those are,

but I was waiting to hear from you.

Is that who you are?”

“Afoot and light-hearted

I take the open road,

Hearty, free, the world before me,

The long brown path

leading me wherever I chose.”

“Oh, I see. You’re a free spirit.

Good for you.” Violet wrote, audibly sighing.

“Henceforth I ask not good fortune,

I myself am good fortune,

Henceforth, I whimper no more,

postpone no more, heed nothing,

Done with indoor complaints,

libraries, querulous criticisms,

strong and content,

I travel the open road.” wrote Grandpa D., with 

flourish in his thumbs.

“That’s it I’m done!” texted Violet, disgusted.

“”You are so full of yourself.”

Grandpa Dynamite

Published December 22, 2017 in Grandpa Dynamite - 0 Comments

Granpa Dynamite

Profile says he’s 45,

but he’s pushing 60.

I don’t know,

he could be pushing 70.

You can tell by the skin.

(and he’s a horny little rodent)

Wrinkles and canyons

on the neck.

That’s where you see it,

on the neck.

He is suave, though.

And debonair.

Like a poor man’s

Jack Nicholson.

Only more exuberant

and salt of the earth.