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Man Servant

Published November 10, 2018 in Genevieve , George - 0 Comments

Man Servant

George wasn’t sure

how he felt about

being referred to as a factotum.

Here he’d stayed devoted

to Genevieve,

even after their separation.

She had moved on

and married Max.

It was awkward at first,

George lingered

and still swept the front,

brought her coffee every morning.

Then it came to her,

he would become her general factotum.

Jack of whatever it was she needed done.

It made perfect sense.

She could trust him,

he would do anything she said (or asked?),

and he wasn’t leaving anyway,

so why not put him to work?

“Idle minds are the devil’s pillow”,

she reasoned.

Too True

Published June 22, 2017 in George - 0 Comments

Too True2

When she remarried, George was still devoted.

Carrying her bags and getting the door.

At first her new husband was a little taken aback.

Then he just accepted it and used it to his advantage.

She would have George julienne the vegetables

and subdue the octopus.

And he would have George quietly wash his dishes.