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Dirtweed Freakpants

Published September 1, 2017 in Eve , LA Stories - 0 Comments

Dirtweed Freakpants

At the laundromat.

And the knuckleschmucks are doing bong hits in the back.

Like, straight up blowing smoke all over the planet.

And Eve just wants to do her laundry.

Who are these anarchist people?

Ok, it’s California, but do we all have to

breathe weed smoke all day long?

Some of us like oxygen.


Published August 2, 2017 in Eve - 0 Comments


Eve put the forget-me-nots on the counter.

She put blue water in a vase and the powder,

which she wanted to taste,

but then wondered, “Is it poison?”

Her friend boy was gone for the weekend,

to the Pinnacles.

It was so hot there that his sweat evaporated

and made it rain on the highway.

Seek Mercy Not Sacrifice

Published July 17, 2017 in Eve - 0 Comments


Forgiveness is really all about

coming to grips with your past.

Stop holding onto what wasn’t.

And finally acknowledging that you can’t change it.

Once you get to that place, it’s so much easier to be merciful.

Eve finally let go of the life that she thought she was owed

and a huge cloud lifted.

The Good Silver

Published June 12, 2017 in Eve , Ophelia - 0 Comments

The Good Silver2

Eve was out late and in a hurry to get to work.

She didn’t think about what she was doing.

Just put the fork in her bag and forgot it.

It was her step mother, Ophelia’s, favorite fork.

The only thing she would eat with.

She went hungry without it

and the whole house stopped.

Her Racist Friend

Published May 27, 2017 in Eve - 0 Comments

Her Racist Friend

It suddenly dawned on Eve that this guy was a straight up racist.

He made some off hand comment about “Beanos” and

her being Latina, it made her fume.

She texted him,

“Listen, my racist friend, it’s time for this to end.

Don’t never contact me again.”

“That rhymes too.” she thought, hitting send firmly.

True to Form

Published May 11, 2017 in Eve - 0 Comments

True to Form

It’s funny how children are born fully realized.

They grow from out of focus infants to complete beings.

In a matter of minutes, it seems.

Childhood is just the soil they are planted in.

She’s only three and already something of a scientist.

Using “Actually…” with great finesse.

Explaining birds to a small captive audience.

Mobius Strip

Published April 4, 2017 in Eve - 0 Comments

Mobius Strip

It’s all a fiction.

The chem trails, the midnights, the turnaround, the memories, the plight.

The magic, the movement, the intervals of resistance, the makeshift, the misbegotten.

All made up.

Eve inhaled a day dream, seeing her illusion clearly before her.

She imagined how she could bend the plot and make the story end well.

Lickety Split

Published March 11, 2017 in Eve , Ruth - 0 Comments

Lickety Split

“Happy 420 Day!” said Eve with a shit eating grin.

Got her edibles and had plans after work to get her buzz on.

Ruth, her grandmother was appalled.

“You need to talk to that child.”

“And say what?”

“Something. It melts your brain.”

“Sit her down and talk to her before she’s out doing heroin.”