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Word Therapy

Published March 9, 2019 in Edward - 0 Comments

Word Therapy

Edward sat in the library

at the black table in the corner.

First it was Jane who came, quietly slipping him a note.

From Michael Romanini, she had a crush on him.

“What should I write back?” she whispered.

Edward thought for a moment and quietly dictated.

“Oh, that’s good!” she giggled.

Then there was Yvette. She had intercepted a note from Jane.

“Bitch! Don’t tell her I told you. Write something clever.” Looking towards the door.

Then Naomi. “Michael gave me Jane’s love note. She can’t even spell yearning correctly.”

“No, that’s right.” said Edward pointing with his number 2 pencil.

“Whatever. Michael wants you to write something back. He’s tired of her.”

Jane came back in tears. “Look what he wrote. I hate him so much.”

“He was trying not to be mean, though, I think” said Edward.

“Please! Edward, can I call you tonight? I can’t talk about this here.”

“Ok” scratching his head.

He looked at the bookshelves, and thought

Dewey invented the decimal system at twenty one.

And here I am sixteen on December 10th, in the midst of all this cupidity,

helping hearts through the hard times of hot drama,

with teenage girls, in all their 2-faced, 3-faced, 4-faced glory.

Could be worse.

MR Stuik 2018


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Apparently “Thinking without bannisters” was her phrase.

“Well”, thought Edward, “I need a phrase.”

“Drinking without coasters.”

“Not too shabby, except the alcoholism might come up.

Nope, that won’t work.”

“Gliding without trying.”

“Good! Kind of that millennial bohemian aesthetic.”

“I could live in a an old shoe and pitch it as an alternative lifestyle brand.”

Pinball Hazard

Published June 18, 2017 in Alice , Edward - 0 Comments

Pinball Hazard

“I’d rather be a heel than a dick”, said Edward.

“I mean a heel is on the bottom of your foot

(towards the back)

and a dick is where?”

“I can’t remember it’s been so long since I used mine.”

“I almost never pee.”

“And sex? No, that’s unheard of.”

“Time to leave.” thought Alice.