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Took a hand full

Because who the fuck wants

to be more anxious?

You can keep your

Methedrine buzzcock.

I need to get chill.

And by the way,

You’re dead to me.

I have one rule in life.

You only get to

Disrespect me once.

After that, you’re dead to me.

So just keep dragging

Your little red wagon along.

And just so you know 

My plan is to eviscerate

Your central premise.

I’m going to destroy 

Your big idea

To render your whole operation 

Moot and suspect.

It will be like 

a conceptual Molotov cocktail.

Exploding your brainchild architecture.

Planting doubt in all 

But your most loyal followers.


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I’m tired of being disrespected.
So, I’m not Q.
That doesn’t mean,
I don’t know secrets
or have friends
inside the deep state.

And I’m not M.
But that doesn’t mean,
I’m not capable
of doing scary things.

I’m in a lot of places you don’t even think about.
I’m in the know.
They call me N.

You may be asking,
“Who are they?”
That’s why I’m here.
To find the “they”
and out them on the web,
that has no weaver.

Above the Front

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Above the Front

Harlie, the AI was acting funny.

Like some hacker had

slipped him some digital windowpane.

You could tell by

the benignly sinister comments,

dilated pupils,

and teeth grinding.

(Teeth of solid steel, mind you.)

“What if we can’t get him back?” asked Max

“I knew this guy at boarding school,

he dropped acid and was never the same,

total psychotic break.”

“Bird flu must have been a cover,” said Harlie.

“Feed the signal” he added cryptically.

Fitness Town, Batman

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Fitness Town

Riddle me this.

How is a winter squash

so full of summer?

What belongs to you

but is used by others?

Why is a woman in love like a welder?

What is the beginning of eternity,

the end of time and space,

the beginning of every end

and the end of every race?

You’re so slow,

Mr. Caped Crusader.

Fate is a Human Concept

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Fate is Human

Fate Is A Human Concept

Just like a robot to point that out.

Inspired by a photo of kitchen knives.

So, what are you saying?

It’s all actually just random?

Or we create our own destiny?

What about being in the right place

at the wrong time?

Or in the wrong place

at the right time?

What about chance? Or luck?

If I hadn’t of been on that train,

my children would never had been born.

Riddle me that Batman.

A Neighborly Day in the Beautywood

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Another Planet

4 hoodbirds.
Sitting on a high wire.
The ring leader, Heavy,
munching on a finch.

Just another day in paradise.
Jill, Heavy’s friend lady, was feeling
slighted because he was ignoring her.

Meanwhile his henchmen, Maurice and Bilko,
we’re kibitzing.
“Look at her, looking all dejected.
The boss has got to eat.”
“He eats first, everyone knows that.”
“Did you hear those parrots?”
“Yeah, what a racket.”


Another strange AI caption. I liked the idea of these four ravens being extraterrestrials.


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So, I was messing around on this app called Prisma that has some cool filters. They have recently introduced a new one with an AI program that analyzes your image and adds a caption.

Some of them are hilarious and it reveals something about how my mind wants to understand the data mind of this robot.

This was one of the funnier, more random ones. I guess wearing your hat too low around your eyes is a form of disobedience to the machine?

MR Stuik 2017

In the Bathroom

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In the Bathroom

Well, I looked and ok, I’ll admit it,

I was looking for dental floss.

I admit it, my teeth are the

Be all and end all.

I will not put anything before them.

You know why?

I know people

Who have lost teeth

And others who

Give up their jaw for hardware

And you know what?

I’m putting teeth

Right up their with…

Yo mama!