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Published August 20, 2017 in Arizona Stories , Jack Sprat - 0 Comments


So, I go to the local gas station/liquor store.

And I’m wearing a cap with an elm tree as the logo

and a tie dye Indonesian number with a pocket

(because a man needs pockets).

And I ask for a map.

After peeking at it, they inform me it’s not for sale.

I hand it back to them.

As I am leaving, the big dude at the register asks me

“Are you sure you aren’t a hit man, casing the area?”

I answer, “Do I look like a hit man to you?”

“Those are the most dangerous ones.” he says with a smile.

Mule Deer Running

Published August 17, 2017 in Arizona Stories , Trish - 0 Comments

Mule Deer Running

There’s a line in the hillside that

they all scamper along.

A coyote ran through the gully,

quick and quiet.

Racing to who knows where.

The cicada sing like pouring rain.

It’s a pulse and within that pulse is a larger wave.

One song of courtship,

the other to mate when she has chosen him.