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“You’re one fat rabbit.”

“Yeah? And your point is?”

“Just that you are one large rabbit.”

“I like to think I’m portly.”

“My point is you are the most epic rabbit this side of the Rockies.”

“Oh, I see, you’re a rabbit ass-kisser, that’s what you are.”

“Just big boned really, I thank my mother for that.”

Into the Mystic

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I don’t want to go home.

Just want to drive into the prairie.

Where the sky never ends, and the disappointments don’t echo.

Not sure where my home is anymore.

Might as well be the open road.

I heard the coyotes again last night.

A loner, identifying, then the band, coming in from the cold.

MR Stuik 2017

Perhaps Pinyon Pine

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Pinyon Pine

Blue on the red hill.

A fallen one has come to rest.

Knew the weather of averages, the yin and yang of time.

Anguished, over after 4,000 years of enduring.

Dies in a deluge, washed out the roots,

revealing this face of persistence.

Wild flowers bloomed in memory of the tree’s spirit,

yellow blossoms burst.

MR Stuik 2017


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The storm came on quickly

into the valley.

You could see it 50 miles away

sputtering on the hill tops.

Home of the Ho-Made pies.

See, Ho-made was a design decision.

The sign was little,

so to save space, “Ho-Made”.

It wasn’t until years later

that people started to realize

that hos actually do make pies.

Everyone was mortified.

I mean just beside themselves.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

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Chapel of the Holy Cross

Cross built into the red rock hillside.

The red blood of Christ implied

in what was once clearly an ocean floor.

Long before humanity was even possible.

The notion that Earth is six thousand years old

is like saying the sun is a hot balloon.

Why does Christianity need to make natural history its victim?


Chapel of the Holy Cross built in 1956. Inspired and commissioned by rancher and sculptor, Marguerite Brunswig Staude. Design executed by architect August K. Strotz.

On the site of one of the Sedona vortices.

The Forecast Calls for Pain

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Forecast Calls for Pain

It’s raining diamonds on Neptune.

In the deep blue hydrocarbon seas.

Strangely beautiful and completely devoid of life.

Here on Earth we have a deluge of water.

Inconvenient, but more valuable in a million ways.

The queen of diamonds represents two diverging paths.

Which will be ours?

Preserving our treasure or

drowning in inorganic riches?

Hows Them Apples

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Hows Them Apples

Here’s a window into my heart.

I’ve reached a place where I don’t need love.

And it’s not at all out of bitterness.

I don’t long for, anymore.

I don’t pine for rapture.

Nor is it out of a sense of defeat.

And there is no malice.

I’m mostly happy and free to just be.

The Great White Ropa-Dope

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White Ropadope2

It’s a big time money deal.

So they play the race bait.

To get the cash come rainin’ down.

They cyncially market with the color animus.

It’s the Irish boy’s brain,

they don’t give a rat’s ass about.

The head trauma pays.

The race drama plays.

They’ll have few years before

the hand shakes start.


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I may have seen

through the fabric of the universe.

On the day of the solar eclipse,

I sat in meditation and felt

the metallic yin.

The moon cold and decisive as Ulysses’ sword.

It was the approaching night

that I would, thankfully, only witness.

But I saw it,

like a spectator in the coliseum,

the steel grey blades

that killed the gladiators.


63 words, I am forever free from 55. Now, it’s about how ever many words I need to say what it is I have to say.

Animal Farm

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Animal Farm

Pearls to swine, but even swine have dignity.

And shouldn’t be talked down to.

Mud is not their fault.

The mule was huge and so in love

with the 35 year old filly.

I bought a beef heart to taste the fire

of the Verde Valley.

Organ meat is always served to the medicine man.