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A circle inside a square means

you can tumble dry the clothes.

The dots indicate temperature,

One for lower heat, two for higher heat.

A cross over the symbol means

you shouldn’t tumble dry the garment.

Clothes hanging on the clothesline

means you don’t have a fucking dryer.

Ophelia washed the clothes by hand,

In the big sink on the veranda.

Her sweatpants and indigo silk skirt,

His shorts and teal blue football jersey.

Both of their blue jeans.

Hung them out to dry,

Then it rained. Took them in and hung them

Out again when the sun came out.

They had toast with lemon marmalade

for breakfast. With Earl Grey tea.

Ophelia looked at her hands,

they seemed older than the rest of her.

And her fingers tips were cold

as she wrapped them around the her teacup for comfort and warmth.

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