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He’s a Monster

Published November 30, 2018 in Elizabeth , Stories from Italy - 0 Comments

A Monster

She’s aggrieved.

About a man, naturally.

He said one thing and did another.

Like all men do, he lied.

He said he loved her

and then left town with someone else.

He’s a monster. A monster with a heart of stone.

And he had the gall to come back

all full of conquest and bluster.

She never wants to see him again.

But he wants to see her.

And can’t understand what he has done.

She won’t answer the door.

He waits outside all night in the rain.

Calls from the street below.

The neighbor tells him to shut up.

He apologizes, and is brought coffee and bread.

“Let him starve”, she says,

closing her shutters and going back to bed.

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