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Sofia had left her lipstick on the glass.
He found it the next morning,
as he was cleaning up.
He had wanted a photo of her,
but had forgotten amid
all the excitement and laughter.
And she was gone before he had a chance.
Instead, he got a kiss on the glass,
an imprint of her lip,
a memory of the evening plastered there.
He hadn’t even noticed
that she was wearing lipstick.
He had just focused on her smile
and listened to her voice.
She had spoken about remembering
a former lifetime.
It was the 16th century and
She was dressed in beautiful clothes.
She was being taken through
a past life regression and
the man leading it instructed her
to remember her final moments of that life.
It came to her almost like a dream,
she died young, in childbirth.
Died giving birth to a new soul.
“I was sad to be leaving, but also proud
for bringing my baby into the world.” she said,
“And now I think in this lifetime,
I’ve come back to help others.”
“Tea?” He asked, wanting her to stay a bit longer.
MR Stuik 2018

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