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Silk Panties

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Silk Panties

Cartwright texted her a photo

of himself in mauve and slightly off white

woman’s panties.

“Nice color.” she replied.

He sent her another one with him in red.

Crimson with black lace.

“Oh, boy” she thought,

“He’s high maintenance.”

They met.

He was feminine,

but restrained.

“i’d like you to be excited

about me wearing those panties.”

he said, almost apologetic.

“Yeah” said Milla,

“I’m not going to be.

I could pretend, but that’s not me.”

“Oh, I see.” said Cartwright.

“Would you prefer I lie?” asked MIlla.

“No, no. Tell me the truth.” he said,

looking past her across the building.

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