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Viking Queen

Published October 23, 2018 in Milla - 0 Comments

Viking Queen

Milla was type cast,

as the “Crying Mother”

in film after film.

Little did they know

that the particular

deep and penetrating sorrow

had a source.

It was not faked,

or over acting.

It was raw emotion.

You don’t get to be Queen

without suffering.

You can not lead,

if you can not overcome.

She was the Ingenue,

the star of a regional production

of Pippy Longstocking.

And he was her sinister lover.

He was possessive to the extreme.

Jealous with a vengeance.

He hurt her.

He beat her.

She got away from him.

and that town.

She not only survived,

she found herself,

it was her first test

in becoming Queen.

A Viking Queen,

leader of women and men.

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