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Meta Jane

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Meta Jane

Bill collector,




She shocked me.




Man collective.

She shocked me.

When she changed her name


Meta Jane.

“If you vibe with Meta, call me Meta.”

“If you vibe with Jane, call me Jane.” said Meta Jane.

“If you vibe with Meta Jane, then call me for dinner.

I’ll be there with bells on.”

Code Talk

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Code Talk

Max was half asleep on the couch,

watching a rerun of the Dick Cavett Show.

A fat Orson Wells was the guest

musing about being visited by “the black dog”

Churchill’s euphemism for depression.

“Hmpf” he snorted at the tv, “What does he know?”

Petting his little black companion,

inbred and manic.

He reached down and took the rock

that it was chewing from it’s mouth.

“Not the brightest in the litter, were you?”

The pooch licked his face

and dug his head into his armpit.

Fret Me See

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Fret Me See

My wife gave me a one way Greyhound ticket to Vegas.

She threw in $37.58 in loose change.

Told me she wanted me out of her life.

I didn’t believe it though.

Deep down, I think she just wanted to set me free.

Let me out of the ball and chain thing that

I have never been good at.

I’m grateful and there’s a whole country

of freight trains with my name on them.

Or they will once I tag them

with my nom de plum: Tuck.

They called me that cause I’m good at hiding.

I’m not bad at lying either.

Feening the Almighty

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Feening the Almighty3

Had the DTs in Cheyenne.

Jumped an empty boxcar north.

Hid under abridge pillar next to the Air Force base.

Sat my backpack down in the corner.

My vodka fell out when I made the jump.

Once I made Greybull I was in terrible shape.

2 men tried to kill me and take my gear.

Only they weren’t real.

The rail yard police pinched me for trespassing

and I told them I was attacked.

They asked me how much I’d been drinking.

Wound up in a local hospital

where I got a valium injection and

and a shot of Haldal in my left ass cheek.

Never had it that bad before.