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We Bought the Pawn Ticket

Published January 30, 2018 in Darsky - 0 Comments


Which really means we pawned the watch

my mother gave me when I graduated

from University.

And if that wasn’t humiliating enough,

then I got upskirted by my bastard boyfriend.

Some day we’ll look back on this and laugh.

Until then, I need a drink.

To you and yours!

May you find a tear in the universe

so that you can step through

and live the life you were meant to.

Even My Name

Published January 27, 2018 in Cintusia - 0 Comments

Even My Name

After 30 days in the jungle,

she had an epiphany.

Saw her entire life,

everything she had worked so hard for,

fallen into disrepair.

She realized her life had to be completely rebuilt.

The pattern had to be broken.

The tragedy of all the women in her family

that came before her

had to be augmented.

Changed once and of all,

charged on ayahuasca

she saw an opportunity

to alter her DNA.

She would change her name.

Fitness Town, Batman

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Fitness Town

Riddle me this.

How is a winter squash

so full of summer?

What belongs to you

but is used by others?

Why is a woman in love like a welder?

What is the beginning of eternity,

the end of time and space,

the beginning of every end

and the end of every race?

You’re so slow,

Mr. Caped Crusader.

Caveat Emptor

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Caveat Emptor

That fat pup

was looking like it was ready to J.

Find it’s spot and

start the transformation.

Johnny felt a tinge of satisfaction.

A tiny inkling that

the tables were turning.

Milkweed is toxic to the eyes,

punishing those who turn blind eye

to the evils of the likes of Monsanto.

If he had his way,

every executive in the chemical giant

would be tied to a tree

and have their corneas painted with

the plant’s burning sap.

Fate is a Human Concept

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Fate is Human

Fate Is A Human Concept

Just like a robot to point that out.

Inspired by a photo of kitchen knives.

So, what are you saying?

It’s all actually just random?

Or we create our own destiny?

What about being in the right place

at the wrong time?

Or in the wrong place

at the right time?

What about chance? Or luck?

If I hadn’t of been on that train,

my children would never had been born.

Riddle me that Batman.

When We Bite Each Other

Published January 13, 2018 in Barbosa - 0 Comments

Bite Each Other

Sometimes it bruises.

And sometimes it doesn’t.

Barbosa liked the taste of her.

Especially her ears

and the side of her neck.

And he knew she liked the taste of him,

even sweaty after the sun got through with them.

Covering her with hickies,

not from malice but excitement.

Wanting to eat her up from top to bottom.

The German beach club owner warned her,

“Be careful of that young man.”

The Mud Fight

Published January 9, 2018 in Musicians and Actors - 0 Comments

The Mud Fight

Up to the knees

in the smell and lasting of it.

We, warriors, laughing

until someone caught a mouthful.

Then, not because we were grown,

but because love’s the Viking maker.

It becomes more desperate then play.

A life or death struggle to avenge impulses.

You will rue the day

you dove into these mud flats.

Rue the day ’til the sun exhausts us.

It’s always been like this.

You hit me when I’m happy

and most vulnerable.

I’ll make you rue the day, damn it.

You’ll have mud coming out your pores

and we’ll laugh again completely.

Telephone Girl

Published January 6, 2018 in Cintusia - 0 Comments

Telephone Girl

Open window in mid-December,

wind and light snow blowing in.

Steam radiator hissing.

Seated on her bed in a tee shirt and pajama bottoms.

Comfortable in the cold night.

In command, working the phone.

“Ok, enough. Goodbye”

Cleaning house,

“Had to shed him” she said,

matter of factly.

Jack shivered slightly,

wondering when it would be his turn in the barrel.

“Don’t worry” she said,

sensing his trepidation.

Three in a Cop’s Apartment

Published January 4, 2018 in Carmine - 0 Comments

Cops Apartment2

Carmine had an idea

after watching an old reel

of men who leer.

His phone was attacked by spam

and it occurred to him

that someone was orchestrating this.

There were detailed maps, somewhere.

He heard peels of laughter

coming from his neighbor’s apartment.

It was the tar rats

peeking out from the asphalt below.