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“Freud was the one who introduced the idea of projection,” said Ruth.

“No he didn’t. Freud was a fraud, a coke head, and he faked his case studies.” replied her son, Jack.

“He was not a fraud. Jung was a fascist.”

“What do you mean?”

“A nice fascist, but he was a fascist.”

“Not true!”

“He was always jealous of Freud.”

Into the Mystic

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I don’t want to go home.

Just want to drive into the prairie.

Where the sky never ends, and the disappointments don’t echo.

Not sure where my home is anymore.

Might as well be the open road.

I heard the coyotes again last night.

A loner, identifying, then the band, coming in from the cold.

MR Stuik 2017

Perhaps Pinyon Pine

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Pinyon Pine

Blue on the red hill.

A fallen one has come to rest.

Knew the weather of averages, the yin and yang of time.

Anguished, over after 4,000 years of enduring.

Dies in a deluge, washed out the roots,

revealing this face of persistence.

Wild flowers bloomed in memory of the tree’s spirit,

yellow blossoms burst.

MR Stuik 2017