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The storm came on quickly

into the valley.

You could see it 50 miles away

sputtering on the hill tops.

Home of the Ho-Made pies.

See, Ho-made was a design decision.

The sign was little,

so to save space, “Ho-Made”.

It wasn’t until years later

that people started to realize

that hos actually do make pies.

Everyone was mortified.

I mean just beside themselves.

The Baldwin

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The Baldwin

Sat on a hard bench for hours.

Piano lessons and piano playing

were a special kind of psychological terror.

The drive to the piano teachers house

always seemed to degenerate

into a knock down drag out scream fest.

Once inside, Elizabeth just wanted

to find something to laugh about.

Escaping into the silliness

of the piano teacher

who smelled faintly of gin

and had the patience of a carnival barker.

Rambling Powder

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Rambling Powder

Lovro had a ritual.

Laid the herbs meticulously on parchment paper,

weighed out each ingredient

and created perfectly arranged packages.

The process was meditative and it calmed his nerves.

Once assembled, he carefully folded each parcel

into a neat package and put them gingerly

into a brown paper bag.

Wrote the patent’s name

on the bag in meticulous print.

Now if he could only spend his life doing this,

everything would be alright.

Coming Home

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Coming Home

For some the process

of coming to know the divine

is lightning fast.

For others it’s slow and arduous.

Little experiences and tiny inspirations

build a bridge to spirit.

Mickey experienced the latter.

His relationship to a higher power

was built in fits and starts.

But, over time he had no choice

but to believe.

The Birch Tree

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The Birch Tree

The lower branches were trimmed off

so it was tough to climb.

But the upper branches were big

and plentiful.

They reached out

over the roof of the house.

Jack was under house arrest,

but it was an easy lean and swing

onto the tree.

Then down into the yard

for a quiet escape.

The Hills Have Eyes

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The Hills Have Eyes

Mikio looked up from his meditation and saw the landscape.

The distance from one hill to the next

was only discernible from

the contrast of one green

into the next.

“This is how time recedes”, he thought.

Slowly fading and melding into the past.

Looking back you can see

the years pale in the distance.

Dirtweed Freakpants

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Dirtweed Freakpants

At the laundromat.

And the knuckleschmucks are doing bong hits in the back.

Like, straight up blowing smoke all over the planet.

And Eve just wants to do her laundry.

Who are these anarchist people?

Ok, it’s California, but do we all have to

breathe weed smoke all day long?

Some of us like oxygen.