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Calling from the Middle

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Calling from the Middle

Interpreting the oracle is like trying to solve the riddle of your dreams.

It is a language of symbols, archetypes and primeval narratives.

These are imprinted on our DNA.

Deciphering their meaning requires you to know yourself.

The deeper your insight into your own soul,

the more insight you have from the hexagram and line.

One Way Out

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One Way Out

Down to his last.

Around the table, laughter, bravado and scorn.

Stacks so fat, they don’t care.

For Mickey, it’s not even about cards anymore.

Watching hawk-like, for a scratch or sigh.

1 mistake away.

A pair of kings and some breathing room.

Bluffs his next hand.

And feels the blood rush back.

Lithograph from Charles A. Alston, New York Public Library Digital Collection, Public Domain

4th of July

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4th of July2

The wind was full of music.

In pulsating waves he heard Mariachi, Grateful Dead and radio.

Accented by whistling explosions that cut all the rhythms.

There was no conductor for the chaos,

just random ebb and flow, moving with the leaves.

His little dog was terrorized,

panting and trying to disappear inside the washing machine.


Drawing by Eugene Zimmerman, New York Public Library Digital Collection, in the Public Domain

Front and Center

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Front and Center2

What if Jack were sitting

in the middle of an answered prayer…

But he was too preoccupied

with everything to realize it?

And what if, instead…

He stopped and took inventory

of all the things that had come to him

in spite of his desire

to see otherwise?

He might already have

everything he needs.

Out of Dodge

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Out of Dodge

Leonard stood on the side of the road.

Riding thumb in the July heat.

Kicking dust on Route 99,

down to his last 3 cigarettes.

Hestitated, then lit it squinting at the sun.

“Should’ve stayed maybe” he thought before shaking his head.

A pickup truck full of scrap metal slowed

and he carefully jumped in.