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Seek Mercy Not Sacrifice

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Forgiveness is really all about

coming to grips with your past.

Stop holding onto what wasn’t.

And finally acknowledging that you can’t change it.

Once you get to that place, it’s so much easier to be merciful.

Eve finally let go of the life that she thought she was owed

and a huge cloud lifted.

See Saw

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See Saw

See saw Margery Daw,

Jenny shall have a new master;

And she’ll get bounced in the air

and sent flying off…

Jack’ll be caught and given hard labor.

Then, she’ll get paid but a penny a day

Because she can’t work any faster

And because she toils in the sweat shops

that make the emperor’s clothes.

Fear of Falling

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Fear of Falling

Max knew.

It was over, but how to extricate himself?

He held on tooth and nail because he loved her.

But also, because he was afraid.

She was his bridge from fringe dweller,

sleeping on the floor,

to man,

living in a house, sleeping on a California king,

driving a car he wasn’t ashamed of.


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Flew too high, fell too hard.

Got wax all over everything.

Punished for getting too close,
guilty for being too bold.

Ruined it for everyone.

Of course, his father was really to blame.

Being all crafty and inventive,
locking up the big bull headed stud.

Labyrinth makers can’t be trusted,
they always kiss and tell.

Assemblage by Maklin Ryan

Good Luck

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Good Luck

Leonard stashed the revolver in the rabbit hutch.

The animal had died suddenly, so it was the perfect spot.

Obvious, yet psychologically off limits.

Couldn’t remember if he had wiped it for prints.

Couldn’t just check, the hutch was in the open.

Had to wait until everyone was gone.

And everyone was almost never gone.

Peach Pie

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Peach Pie

Before the peach tree died,

and the termites turned it barren,

It was full of fruit.

Too much to eat, so they made pies.

Criss crossed the crust and put a heart in the center

and gave them to the neighbors.

An offering to ask forgiveness for all the late nights

Ruth’s children carried on.

Homer the Third

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Homer the Third

He was always a bit mischievous.

Took off at the drop of a hat.

Jack brought him one day to a figure drawing class.

Let him go so he could focus on his drawing.

Next thing you know the dog was sniffing the model’s private parts.

Jack grimaced and pulled him off the platform.

Drive In Movie

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Drive In Movie2

Visiting her folks’ place in Jersey.

Strict Irish Catholic family.

Marianne’s room was in the attic.

Jack got the couch in the basement.

Mother slept with the bedroom door open.

No choice but the old Volvo for fooling around.

Steaming up the windows.

And covering each other’s mouths to keep the noise to a minimum.

Wild Animal Collectors

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Wild Animal Collectors

Heir to a king’s ransom.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to spend it.

Liked to collect things, especially odd, wild beasts.

Bought a pack of wolves for a rooftop in Tribeca,

Amazing what you can find on the internet, impulsively.

They were skin and bones when Ruth found them,

shivering in the cold.

Cat’s Pajamas

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Cats Pajamas

The cats swim him.

Drink him up with green eyes, rubbing against his shin.

“Year of the tiger” he said by way of explanation.

If you believe in that.

Charm was undeniable and Kiri, the Siamese, never behaved

like that with anyone before.

They all wanted to know what he was going to do next.

Cat print by Kiyoshi Saito, Engraving by Philip John

New York Public Library Digital Collection, Public Domain