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Email Patty Cake

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Email Patty Cake

He led with “douche-nozzle”.

A term here that means twerp.

Also, a word that polarizes.

Apparently, the rich guy with 3,

million dollar homes, complained about

being told he was lucky

to be on the list at all.

JR promptly refunded him and

gave him the old

umsbay ushray

to the unsubscriber morgue.

In the Morning

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In the Morning

Two folding chairs in the garden behind the barn.

The beginning of the two of them.

The first time of many times that would lead to:

Black and white photographs,

4 kids, a loft in Little Italy,

and finally, a failed business, bankruptcy,

foreclosure and the end of them.

Two chairs spotted in the shade

Mother Goosestep

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Mother Goosestep

She lived in a shoe.

This made us strongly suspect that something was wrong.

So many children she didn’t know what to do.

Why? No Planned Parenthood?

Gave them broth without bread.

Gluten free bone broth, no doubt.

And whipped them soundly and put them to bed.

Wait! What?

She probably had a thyroid condition.


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Apparently “Thinking without bannisters” was her phrase.

“Well”, thought Edward, “I need a phrase.”

“Drinking without coasters.”

“Not too shabby, except the alcoholism might come up.

Nope, that won’t work.”

“Gliding without trying.”

“Good! Kind of that millennial bohemian aesthetic.”

“I could live in a an old shoe and pitch it as an alternative lifestyle brand.”

Built for Play

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Built From Play

When we are young,

we play for the sake of it.

There’s no payment due or transactions made.

And what is the process, but the nurturing of narrative?

Needing nothing but a stick and a setting.

Everyone knows the conflict, and we all know our roles.

We writers still play, until we’re called for supper.


Photo of Children playing by Walter Rosenbaum, from the New York Public Library Public Domain Collection

Buzz On

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Buzz On

Some people will do anything to get loaded.

They heard that Australian toad venom had hallucinogenic properties.

So, Franklin, and company decided to try it.

Tasted like burnt tarantulas, and everybody got sick.

If it hadn’t been so expensive, they’d probably all be dead.

Told the ER doctor that they ate some bad frog’s legs.

Too True

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Too True2

When she remarried, George was still devoted.

Carrying her bags and getting the door.

At first her new husband was a little taken aback.

Then he just accepted it and used it to his advantage.

She would have George julienne the vegetables

and subdue the octopus.

And he would have George quietly wash his dishes.

On Maple Street

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On Maple Street

It was the summer of the lonely cicada.

Silly insect miscalculated and came out too soon.

Instead of the deafening chorus with all his brothers,

it was him alone.

Singing for a female who was sound asleep.

Max felt the exact same way,

born in the wrong epoch.

Longing for times of Tommy gun simplicity.

Hard Nose

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Hard Nose

Somehow, somewhere, Max got the idea that things should be easy.

And when they weren’t; God, Mercury in retrograde

and the universe were plotting against him.

After being the victim of years of these plots,

he, one day, had a realization.

Maybe, he was wrong and everything was difficult.

That was liberating, but required work.

Pinball Hazard

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Pinball Hazard

“I’d rather be a heel than a dick”, said Edward.

“I mean a heel is on the bottom of your foot

(towards the back)

and a dick is where?”

“I can’t remember it’s been so long since I used mine.”

“I almost never pee.”

“And sex? No, that’s unheard of.”

“Time to leave.” thought Alice.