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Self Portrait

Published May 2, 2017 in LA Stories - 0 Comments

A 55 word story that is a self portrait

Hardly the man with no fear.

I aspire to be like Ant-Man (loving miniatures the way I do.)

A Taoist master once told me I was lucky to have survived my life and not be institutionalized.

That was reassuring.

I’m an immigrant who likes the occasional cigar.

And plan to skateboard well into my 80s.


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Or synchronicity.

In the larger randomness that it all, finally, is.

We want so to find meaning and feel some measure

of control over the chaos.

When signs converge, there is a joy and affirmation

of our victory over the powerlessness.

It’s another fiction that we, animal architects of reliable narrative,

so happily weave.