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In Sickness and in Health

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In Sickness and in Health

Much of disease is centered in the thoughts and actions we habitually make.

Our digestion is the meeting of memory and experience.

We feel what we eat and we eat what we feel.

Which means the path to healing runs straight through the meals we have.

And in the choices we take at the table.

Her Racist Friend

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Her Racist Friend

It suddenly dawned on Eve that this guy was a straight up racist.

He made some off hand comment about “Beanos” and

her being Latina, it made her fume.

She texted him,

“Listen, my racist friend, it’s time for this to end.

Don’t never contact me again.”

“That rhymes too.” she thought, hitting send firmly.

Koo Maos

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Koo Maos

Carmine smoked Kool Milds and lots of weed.

Did the JB dance move like a champ.

The seizures would come in the middle of the night.

It was as though some malevolent spirit

had come to throw him a beating.

He’d emerge bruised and battered.

Seemed so unfair because he really was such a sweetheart.


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There’s only so much room at the top.

Some of us have to occupy the middle and lower rungs.

As a family they were too busy just trying to get by.

Ruth didn’t push any of the children that hard.

She just didn’t care to keep up with the Joneses.

Who literally lived next-door.


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My memories are small, like these stories.

To be more accurate they’re just little pieces of time.

Sewing them together, creating characters from all the voices in my head.

And planting them in other minds, tiny algorithms once freed, stay in motion.

Little thought experiments I hope continue like the light of long dead stars.


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Stood on the sidelines in the biggest moment of their careers.
Waited for inspiration from their coach.

“There’s a gleam, men! Go out and get that gleam!”

Puzzled expressions, slowly joined hands.

“Gleam on 3!”
“One, two, three, gleam!”

No one could bring themselves to ask
what the hell the coach was talking about.

Tender Thirsties

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Tender Thirsties

“Is it ok if I kiss you?” Jimmy asked,

fidgeting and looking down at his feet.

“Sure.” finding him sweet and endearing.

A nice change from the bull rush of her last encounter.

His lips were surprisingly soft,

hers tasted faintly of pomegranates and Coca Cola.

“You’re a good kisser.” , a smile crept into his eyes.

Cousin Bob

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Cousin Bob

He was loud and brash and almost always inconvenient.

The Second Cousin Twice Removed.

Removed from what? No one knew.

And why twice? Wasn’t being removed once enough?

Bob sat in the dentist chair and the technician, Joan, sang

“Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy.”

Finally, he heard someone else’s voice.

Commercial Appeal

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Comercial Appeal

Hero is introduced.

Subtly, not ham handed.

He’s of humble origins and has an amazing power.

But, he’s reluctant to use it, wanting to be fair.

Then Storm Boy witnesses a horrible injustice and has no choice.

He saves the day, and women swoon.

But not the woman he loves, which sets up the sequel.

Pop Corn Drizzle

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Pop Corn Drizzle2

It was sprinkling at the track.

He got a tip from some guys’s cousin.

Running steroids for Dirty Harry
who was racing in the third.

Then Jack got nervous and had Mary Lewis
bet their money to win, place and show.

Horse fucking won, but they lost two bets and only had enough for tacos.

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