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Autumn Leaves

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Autumn Leaves

It was less the cold than the swelling.

He was 30 pounds heavier since his last arrest.

Living large on identity theft and forgery.

The arresting officer recognized him right away.

“Been a while, Paulie. How’s the wife and kids?”

“Good, thanks. Little Johnny’s playin’ baseball.”

“Hey, could you put my jacket over my head?”

Doin’ the Laundry

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Doin the Laundry

Rose from volunteer to manager.

Gratified he had arrived.

Had vision and plans.

One evening the boss showed up unexpected.

Handed him a brown paper bag.

Peeked inside to see 4 wads of 100 dollar bills.

“I need you to run that through the register”, he said firmly.

“And take a little something for yourself.”

The Bottom Line

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The Bottom Line

“I live the life I love and I love the life I live”, he said defiantly.

Still had to chop his own wood and carry his own water, though.

Just the way it is.

Max heard the blue jays shriek.

Sighed and felt more gratitude than remorse.

Highway bound and no one to answer to.


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Escaped the virus that blinded the feral cat’s right eye.

Slipped by the wrath of the possum killing terrier.

She was there and gone without a trace.

The second time we caught her, she escaped from the box.

She’s the feline reincarnation of her namesake.

The third time she couldn’t escape needing something to eat.


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“I found something of yours…” he said sneaking him the bird.

Then later, “Did you leave this in the break room?”

Pulling the finger out from his pocket.

Finally, as they were getting on the elevator.

“Your wife called and asked me to give you this.”

Mickey wondered how this asshat got to be CEO.

A 5 Dollar Beef

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A 5 Dollar Beef

After the gun went off he couldn’t hear a thing.

Fortunately, neither could anyone else.

The door was slightly ajar.

Didn’t hesitate.

Ran into the hallway and saw the stairs.

Took the stairwell a flight at a time.

Hit the street in a full sprint.

“Just let me get to the train station…”,  Leonard prayed.


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The garden faucet had sprung a leak.

Rather than fix it, he planted mint and watercress.

A simple way to turn the problem into something useful.

The mint was effervescent and made a julep to die for.

The watercress had a kick that made his salads sing Ellington.

Both flourished from Mikio’s laziness and ingenuity.

Mr. Firm

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Mr Firm

I used to be indecisive, now I’m not quite sure.

I have several ways of making or taking decisions.

But I like to make the move that leads to the next move.

Meeting you in that blue dress was one of those moments.

Where I stumbled onto a choice that simply had to be made.

A Narrative Theory of Everything

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A Narrative Theory of Everything

Little stories are fractal insects.

Evolving symmetrically in all directions.

Part of our neural design, an intimate part of our physiology.

Even the human heart has fractal properties, both physical and meta-(physical).

Our obsessive facial recognition evolution makes us see faces everywhere.

Similarly, our story DNA forms narrative in even the tiniest fragments of song.