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March of the Infidels

March of the Infidels

Nameless, the ant, walked in line with her sisters.

“Thoughts” did not so much enter her mind as influence its direction.

Do or Don’t. Pretty binary.

Do as the rest of the colony.

Don’t question as questions lead to insanity.

Bring back what you gather, be grateful to have a job in the new administration.

A Penny Saved

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A Penny Saved

Ever notice how the champions of frugal living have money to burn?

When you’re broke, you don’t have the luxury of sacrifice.

Your entire life is spent getting back to zero.

Leonard wasn’t about to be without shoes.

Soaked through from the rain, he sat pensive vigil over them as they dried in the sun.

Small Time Gambler

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Small Time Gambler

Blue light falling.

Ophelia hadn’t slept for months and the days all folded together like soft dough.

She spent her evenings bathed in blue flowers, playing digital roulette.

She’d gambled on him and lost everything.

Max smiled at her from across the table.

She then saw she’d also won someone who would never leave her.

Citric Acid

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Citric Acid

Max hatched the idea with her.

For lemonade, infused with rosemary.

Could have bought lemons, but it was more romantic to steal them.

From the neighbor’s yard.

He waited until midnight, walked past the house.

Turned around and walked back.

Jumped the fence.

The sensors tripped the lights, their dog lunged, and all hell broke loose.

Soft Knew Her Velvet Skin

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Soft Knew Her Velvet Skin

The Frenchman was convinced that Lizette was his.

Confident pushed his impulsive heart.

He had to ask even though they had only just met.

The hummingbird hovered above him, (how did it get inside)?

“Voulez vous diner avec moi, ce soir?”

“No, désolée, je ne peux pas…”

She tried to think of a French excuse.

Butterfly Kiss

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Butterfly Kiss

Mickey couldn’t remember who.

Taught him the eyelash brush across the cheek.

A tender, whisper of a kiss.

Now he shared it with his little boy.

And watched the ideas converge gently in his innocence.

He felt a bit embarrassed.

But there was no one else around.

Just the two of them, father and son.

Mickey, Upon Being Informed By Maria That She Was With Child Decided He Had A Momentous Decision To Make, To Be Or Not To Be A Father (As If That Was A Choice); Such A Query Could Not Be Asked In Washington Heights, No It Must Be Posed Among The Native Spirits In The Wild On The Snake River, So Off He Went With Amulets, Yarrow Sticks, The I Ching, Psilocybin, A Half Quart Of Jack And An Emptied Bank Account To Wyoming

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Snake River2

Spinning sky, clouds flying, thunder burst elastic evident.

Beaver tail slapping, fox and badger in cahoots.

Wolves visible on the distant ridge.

Calling out the Great Spirit via the mentor,

I Ching change visionary:

“Could I, after all the crazy car rides be…and the answer came, ‘It is favorable to cross the great water.’”

Words on Purpose

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Words on Purpose

“My capacity to love is diminished by my proclivities to fear.”

Jonathan said, pausing thoughtfully.

They all wondered what would follow that bit a verbal loveliness.

And, frankly the rest was just more of the same not said quite as well.

The question on everyone’s mind was did he have someone, in particular in mind?

Can’t Win for Losing

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Cant Win for Losing

“Is Humor Death’s mother in law?”

Asked the Beat poet rhetorically.

Before we answer that, who is Death’s wife?

Logically, that would be Love.

And you have to feel for Death.

Always being told he’s not good enough,

not doing what he should for the family.

It’s a thankless job being the Grim Reaper.

Besame Mucho

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Besame Mucho

Lovely, but not a terribly good kisser.

Bit of a vice grip disappointment, really.

She had other charms.

At the party, she pushed the chocolate cake into his face.

“You’re good for me”, she said.

He drove her car home.

Carried her up three flights to her room.

Tucked her in and sighed.

“I’m all in.”