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Economic Nationalism

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Economic Nationalism

Is just jingoism attacking progress.

Making enemies of the press, science, immigrants, refugees, and liberty.

The nationalist version of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

They want to destroy the “administrative state”.

And replace it with what?

A Christian-caucasian-centric plutocrat sponsored media controlled police state.

Already tried that, it was called the Dark Ages.

On the Cell Phone

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On the Cell Phone

“Would you like me to go hang myself so you can sell my house and get the money?”

“Yeah, that would be good…no, of course not. Why would you ask me something like that?”

Shuffling of papers.

“There was a mouse in my fireplace this morning. Dickens got it, I think.

She’s the hunter.”

Mikio is a loyal son. Yume is testing that loyalty.

Polly Pimp Slappah

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Polly Pimp Slappah

Not a rapper, though sometimes her mouth is in the crapper.

Wiseacre, ball breaker, in your face no-prisoner-taker.

She does not suffer fools, has her own power tools.

Loyal and sarcastic, loud and bombastic.

She’s a straight up lady super hero nemesis, you might see her on the premises.

Or not.

Polly Pimp Slappah.

Morning Tea

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Morning Tea

Bees buzzing the pale blue chicory flowers, legs fat with pollen.

Birds singing to their peers, warnings of lurking enemies.

Dogs defending their territory, planes rattling overhead.

Traffic hitting like waves along the morning shore.

Mikio had sat down to meditate and had fallen off to sleep.

Now the sun would test his mettle.

4 Napoleons

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4 Napoleons

Levkowitz was lit and looking for sparring partners.

“Who changed their reality more?”

“Napoleon, conquered all of Europe and North Africa, introduced modern democracy…streets, all in just 11 years.”


“Putin is 1/20th of a Napoleon.”


“Please, he’s like 1/100th of a Napoleon.”

“I know, Genghis Khan.”

“Yes, Genghis Khan was 4 Napoleons.”

Fields of Grain

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Fields of Grain

Created from a prompt by @whiskyandpens for #tiltedaxis. Now, as a result we have a new character to follow. 🙂

It’s all good.

Just Three

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Just Three

Simplicity: from the clutter that surrounds me and the endless chatter inside my cranium.

Patience: for not being where I always think I should be. (Caffeine probably doesn’t help.)

Compassion: unconditional for everyone, even the most despicable and also for myself who is often at the end of the line.

Everything in Its Place

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Everything in Its Place

This story came out of an Instagram prompt by @whiskeyandpens fro #prettypictures.

I decided to take it in this direction. Everyone has their own definition of pretty. 😉