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For Me?

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For Me?

Messing around with rhyming.

Thought I’d have some fun.

Nothing wrong with a little silliness.

Cognitive Dissonance

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Cognitive Dissonance

Not everything is always bad or always good.

Even tragedy happens in degrees.

There’s a yang of blessing in the yin of the disorder.

For Simplicity’s Sake

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For Simplicitys Sake3

In our family we only had one dog name.

At one time, our grandparents and us both had dogs named Homer.

It’s very efficient.

You only have to give one command.

And call one name.

The dogs don’t care.

As long as you feed them, love them and don’t make them wear the same outfits.


It was Ruth’s idea.

Why waste energy having to remember more than one dog name?

Keep it simple, stupid.